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Funded Yoga for the Workplace


29 Jan, 2016

We're really excited that GreaterSport have kindly  agreed to fund Yoga in the workplace, what better way to celebrate than to start a blog!  If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of Yoga in your workplace for free please read on....

Yoga is a time-tested way of life that cultivates mental and physical wellbeing.  Ask anyone who has practiced Yoga about the benefits and you won’t get them to stop talking.  Yoga has something for everyone from rugby world cup winners like The All Blacks to musicians like Goldie; more and more people are accessing Yoga in a way that works for them because they are realising the huge benefits.  Open Minded Fitness Group have developed their own style of workplace Yoga, focusing on active stretching and relaxation with supporting diagrams and descriptions.  The aim is to give workers the ability to practice themselves during the work day without needing gym clothes, a mat or any special equipment. 

Potential benefits to the employer:

  • Enhanced staff morale, concentration and decision-making
  • More job satisfaction for employees reducing staff turnover
  • Less stress-related sick occurrences

For more info or to book your first session email now!