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Headstand Homework Part 2


09 Feb, 2016

After a great workshop with John Aplin on Saturday at iYoga I have changed my approach to Sirsasana.  

John suggested trying using the wall facing the opposite way.  With my feet against the wall I measure the distance to my hips and place a marker down.  I then put the crown of my head on the marker and came into a half headstand walking my feet up the wall to a right angle (as the picture shows). 

We spent a lot of time concentrating on finding the length in the spine and working on keeping the elbow creases open.  I find that if I imagine I have an egg in each elbow crease and I am trying not to crack them it helps to open the elbow creases and support the neck properly with the forearms.  

This position is a lot more difficult for me so I am going to continue working on holding this position for a greater increasing time to build up strength and alignment.  It is also nice to lift one leg straight up to increase the length in the spine, eventually I will lift both legs straight up but for now it's back to basics to build the strength to practice Sirsasana safely!