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03 Feb, 2016

Recently I've made good progress on my headstand so I thought I'd share what I learned and also take some photos to examine my alignment.  I'm by no means a headstand master but I thought I'd share my development as I practice.

Tips from a Headstand Master:

Larry Terkel did this great tutorial which helped me find my balance - un-hooking the little fingers and bringing the elbows in closer together made a big difference.  Watch the tutorial on the link for a more in-depth description and a few other tips.

Working in stages:

As the picture shows I broke the headstand into 3 stages trying to master each one for a few breaths before moving to full headstand.  This allowed me to concentrate on lengthening the neck, pushing more weight into the arms and not allowing the shoulders to drop before the balance became difficult when the legs are fully straightened.  

Drishti and Focus:

I found gazing down the mat whilst concentrating on my breath really helped with balance

Next Challenge:

As you can see from the picture when I straightened my legs they are not aligned with the body, I think this might be because my elbows are slightly wider than my shoulders - I will work on correcting this and report how I get on! 

I also plan to develop the strength to lift my legs straight up into the full headstand without bending the knees, I have read this to be the progression to full headstand in "Light on Yoga" by BKS Iyengar.