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Lunch Time Express Yoga


29 Jan, 2016

It was only our 2nd Express Lunch Time Yoga at MMU Students Union this afternoon but it seems word is spreading among staff and students!  There was a great mix of people and everyone gave it their all to fit a lot into the short time we had.  

Express and Yoga are not really two things that fit together but we're experimenting to try and get a good balance of pranayama (controlled breathing), relaxation and asana (physical poses) that gives staff and students a mental and physical lift at lunch time.  With express Yoga participants can get a 30 minute taste of Yoga which fits in with their busy schedule, hopefully leading them to pursue Yoga further.  The class is split into two half hour sessions which can run together as a full hour - the first class is mostly mat based, with the second progressing to standing activities such as Trikonasana and Surya Namaskar.  

Let's get moving people!!